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Frequently Asked Questions for OSH Students

Have a query?

You can contact us as follows:


Telephone: 01-716 34 20

Or the answer to your query may be below!

How do I get my student number?

You get your student number by accepting your place online. Once you have been offered a place on one of our programmes, an email will be sent to you explaining how you can accept your place. When you have followed the instructions and done this, you will be issued with a UCD student number for the academic year. Those who have completed a UCD programme before, will already have a student number.

What if I have queries regarding registration or my student status?

You can contact a programme administrator at the Centre for Safety and Health at Work

Email    or

Telephone     01-716 34 20


You can contact the Programme Office of the School


Telephone     01-716 34 62


Or you can contact the Student Helpdesk

Telephone    01-716 1555

What if I have queries regarding payment or receipt of fees?

In the first instance, you should contact the UCD Student Desk at 01-716 1555 or utilise the Student Desk Connector.

You can also look up your finance details through your SIS web!

What if I change my address during the year?

All written correspondence will be sent to the home address that you gave on your online application and registration documentation. If you move address in the course of the year, the address change should be made on-line via the Student Information System (SIS) by you. Alternatively, you can notify the CSHW office in writing. Please note that staff is not permitted to take change of address over the telephone.

What email address should I use?

In order to address the need for timely and efficient communication, and to provide a better service to its students, UCD has a policy establishing an official means of communicating with students, which will be by email addressed to your UCD CONNECT email address.

Upon registration at UCD, you will be assigned a UCD CONNECT email account. The addresses are all in the format: This email address will be maintained in your student record, from which UCD email distribution lists are compiled.


When sending emails to any member of UCD staff or to any UCD department, you should send it from your UCD email. If you do not, it is likely you will experience a delay in receiving a response.


What if I've more than one email address? How do I reduce or manage them?

You can set up your UCD CONNECT email to be automatically forwarded to an email of your choice. To forward emails from your UCD CONNECT email account to another email account, follow the instructions below.

Go to


Enter your user name (student number) and PIN (Date of Birth DDMMYY)

Go to email logo at the top of the page

Select options, settings, mail forwarding

Tick enable forwarding

Enter new email address


You should note that the University cannot be responsible for the handling of email by outside service providers. Having email redirected does not absolve the student from the responsibilities associated with official communication sent to his or her official UCD email address.

What if I cannot access the Student Web(SIS)?

Contact the Student Helpdesk at (01) 716 1555 or log on to the Student Desk Connector

Have your UCD student number handy for the call!

How do I go about getting my Library card?

Your UCARD is your UCD Library card. It is a University requirement for all students to have a UCARD-enabled student card. Your UCARD is your official student identification card for the duration of your programme in UCD. This card may be required to access UCD in a vehicle (as evidence that you have legitimate business on campus) and access to the Library.

Please note:

  • New students can collect their UCARD at an allocated time and place during the Induction day
  • You must show your Passport or Birth Certificate with photo ID before being issued with a new card
  • Student UCARDs can only be issued if you have fully registered and uploaded your photo as a part of the registration process and paid an appropriate amount of fees.

What are the contact details of the UCARD office?

UCARD office contact Information

Library Building

University College Dublin


Telephone: (01) 716 7166




Open Monday to Friday 10.00 - 17.00 hours

UCARD office lunchtime closing hours are from 13.00-13.30 hours

What if I've just updated my registration details, but still cannot access Bright Space?

After making registration changes, log into Bright Space the following morning and your course list should be up-to-date.

If you are correctly registered, and the module is still not available on Bright Space, please email to report the access issue.

What if I cannot access UCD CONNECT or Bright Space?

If you are experiencing problems, you should contact the UCD Computing Group

Telephone:     (01) 716 2700


How do I log onto Bright Space?

Bright Space is the e-learning environment used in UCD; this is essentially an electronic filing cabinet and platform for storing and delivering programme material.

To access and manage your Bright Space, please see the IT Services Bright Space page.

Where do I get information about the Library Information skills area?

You have plenty of choices:

First go to the UCD Library Homepage

View the General Information

Peruse the Information Guides

Study the very useful Library Information Skills booklet.

What are Extenuating Circumstances?

During a programme of study, you may have extenuating circumstances which impact on your life and your ability to commit to the programme. In this event, you are encouraged to notify the circumstances and their impact to the University, by first contacting a relevant member of staff at the Centre for Safety and Health at Work who will then advise you whether the Policy on Extenuating Circumstances applies to you.

In this event, you will be required to submit an Extenuating Circumstances Form and supporting documentation, such as medical certificates. The application and evidence will be brought to the attention of the Programme Board for consideration.

What if an employer is looking for confirmation of my record of attendance?

An attendance sheet is provided at the beginning of each class held in UCD and you are asked to sign in. Employers who contact the CSHW requesting a record of attendance for one of their employees attending OSH programmes are advised that such information is released to the student concerned only. You can be provided with a record of attendance on request. If you fail to sign the attendance sheet, the assumption will be made that you did not attend the Exam/Tutorial day. As a result, this could have negative implications for you in the event of seeking fee refunds, extenuating circumstances, assessment appeals and withdrawals