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Lárionad Slándála agus Sláinte san Ionad Oibre UCD

Alumni Contacts

Currently, we have close to 1,000 alumni on our emails contacts database. This is a very important resource for keeping in touch and being kept informed of up-to-date career opportunities, seminars and other alumni events. If you are a CSHW alumni and would like to be included on this database, please email giving details of your course and the year you graduated. If you are already on the database, and your contact details have changed, please do not hesitate to let us know. We always love to hear from our alumni and what they are doing!


If you began your course of study from 2000 onwards and have completed your Degree/Diploma, you can access your Academic Transcript online via the SIS web free of charge. Some exclusions apply. To access your Transcript online, you will need your SIS access which is your student number + Date of Birth (six digits DDMMYY). Please see the University's Transcript page for further details.

Alumni Events

Alumni events such as seminars usually take place in the autumn of each year. If you have any ideas regarding topics or would like to contribute, please contact the Centre for Safety and Health at Work at 01-716 34 20 or 

Diplomates: Historical Awards

In the interest of award holders, employers and other stakeholders, the NUI has placed a number of historical awards on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) including the Diploma in Safety, Health and Welfare at Work. Please click here to see what is meant by legacy and historical awards.

To view the approved legacy awards mapped to levels of NFQ, please see the List of Approved Legacy Awards document. The Diploma in Safety, Health and Welfare at Work is on page 7.

OSH Programmes: Qualifications and Mapping

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the National Framework of Qualifications (NQF)?

The NFQ is a framework or structure to compare the levels and standards of various qualifications. This helps students make decisions about their qualification choices and look at progression opportunities available to them.

Who makes awards in the NFQ?

As a result of the Qualifications (Education and Training) Act, 1999, a number of awarding bodies have a statutory basis to make awards in Ireland and have had their qualifications included in the NFQ. These bodies include Universities which make awards at NFQ Levels 7-10.

My Certificate/ Diploma/Degree award was made before the introduction of the NFQ - is it recognised?

The NFQ was introduced in 2003 but as part of the legacy and historical awards process (see above) all Diplomas and Higher Diplomas in Safety, Health and Welfare at Work are now Level 8 (NFQ).

The Certificate in Safety and Health at Work is understood to be a continuing award and therefore to have always been an award at NFQ Level 7.

For historical information about the NFQ mapping for OSH programmes, and for information concerning Degrees and Masters on the mapping scale, please see the tables below.

Postgraduate Awards

Programme Year of Award Credits NFQ level 
MSc in OSH 2008 to date 90 9
Grad Dip in OSH 2010 to date 60 9
MApplSc (SHWW) 2006 to date 90 9
MApplSc (SHWW) Pre-2006 n/a Not mapped

 Undergraduate Awards

Programme Year of Award Credits NFQ level
BSc in OSH Mgmt 2006 to 2010 180 (inc 90 from DipSHWW) 8
BSc in OSH Mgmt Pre-2006 n/a Not mapped
HDipSHWW 2009 to date 90 8
DipSHWW 2006 to 2008 90 8
DipSHWW Pre-2006 n/a 8
CertSHW 2008 to date 20 7
CertSHW 2006 to 2007 15 Not mapped
CertSHW Pre-2006 n/a Not mapped

How do I know what standard of knowledge and skill applies to each NFQ level?

The NFQ consists of a system of ten levels, based on standards of knowledge, skill and competence associated with that level. The best illustration of this is the NFQ fan which incorporates the levels and awards made for the different kinds of learning.

Are there equivalent UCD levels to the NFQ levels?

Since 2005, Academic Council has approved UCD Level Descriptors which equate with the NFQ. To look at the various skills and competencies required for each UCD level and equivalent NFQ level, please read the UCD Level Descriptors  document.

Are there equivalent UK levels to the NFQ levels?

The Irish awarding bodies and the UK awarding and qualifications regulatory bodies have undertaken an exercise to cross reference the qualifications frameworks in the UK and Ireland. The exercise resulted in Qualifications can cross boundaries- a rough guide to comparing qualifications in the UK and Ireland. This leaflet is a useful guide for employers, learners and other interested parties, designed to enable broad comparisons to be drawn between qualifications and their levels In Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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