Sixth DAPI Symposium

The 6th annual DAPI symposium was held on Friday 15th Jan 2016 in the Dept Microbiology, Trinity College Dublin and was attended by 75 TCD and UCD staff and students.

The keynote talk, sponsored by the Microbiology Society, was given by Dr. Suzan Rooijakkers from the University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands. Suzan delivered a fascinating seminar about the molecular basis of the interaction between bacteria and the human immune system. She described her research on how complement kills bacteria and the various strategies that bacteria have evolved to resistant complement.


Left: Steve Gordon awards Leanne Hays (TCD) the prize for best oral communication. 

Ten talks were delivered by PhD students and postdocs, and 28 participants who presented posters of their findings. This offered an important opportunity for early stage researchers to gain experience of communicating the results of their research.  The prize for best postgraduate speaker was awarded to Leanne Hays, (TCD) and the prize for the best poster presentation was awarded to Siobhan Turner (UCD).

Right: Siobhan Turner (UCD) received the prize for best PhD student poster presentation

The 2016 DAPI meeting was a great success...looking forward to our 7th meeting in UCD in 2017!