Aidan Regan   (UCD SPIRe)

Political economy; European integration; Eurozone crisis


Gavin Barrett    (UCD Law)

EU constitutional and institutional law

Ursula Barry   (UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice)

Social economy, gender, equality and public policy

Peter Clinch   (UCD GPEP)

European environmental policy; environmental economics


James P. Cross   (UCD SPIRe)

European Union politics; Legislative decision making; game theory; Transparency

Declan Downey   (UCD History)

History of Habsburg Europe and modern East Asia, Irish-European relations, EU-Asian relations

Roland Erne   (UCD Business)

Globalisation and European integration; comparative employment relations

Tony Fahey    (UCD School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice)

Family dynamics and family policy in Ireland and Europe; Living conditions and social inequality in the enlarged EU; social policy and social services in Ireland; social housing

David Farrell   (UCD SPIRe)

Elections, electoral systems, political parties, the representative role of members of parliament

Paul Gillespie   (UCD SPIRe)

European political identities, Europe-Asia relations and Comparative regionalism 

Niamh Hardiman   (UCD SPIRe)

Comparative political economy; state structures and public policy

Iseult Honohan   (UCD SPIRe)

Immigration and access to citizenship in Europe

Alun Jones   (UCD GPEP)

Political geography, governance and European integration

Derek Hutcheson   (UCD SPIRe)

Comparative party systems; political behaviour and political change; Russian and German politics

Suzanne Kingston   (UCD Law)

EU competition law, EU environmental law, EU taxation law and EU human rights law

Brigid Laffan   (Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute)

European integration and governance; Ireland and the EU; EU budgets

Imelda Maher   (UCD Law)

EU law and governance; competition law

Elizabeth Meehan

European citizenship; EU and British-Irish relations

Brian Nolan  (UCD College of Human Sciences and Law)

Poverty, income inequality, the economics of social policy, the Welfare State, health economics and health inequalities, social indicators, the EU's Social Inclusion Process

Diana Panke   (UCD SPIRe)

European integration and governance; compliance and implementation; Europeanisation

Marie Luce Paris-Dobozy   (UCD Law)

European Union law; human rights law; constitutional law

Diane Payne   (UCD Sociology)

Regional/territorial politics and European integration

Colin Scott   (UCD Law)

EU regulation and governance

Andy Storey   (UCD SPIRe)

Globalisation, development and European integration  

Tobias Theiler   (UCD SPIRe)

Political legitimacy, symbolism and European integration

Ben Tonra   (UCD SPIRe)

European security and defence policy; Irish foreign policy

Paul Walsh   (UCD SPIRe)

Corporate governance and European integration; EU and the developing world

Karl Whelan   (UCD Economics)

Comparative political economy; state structures and public policy

Christopher Whelan (UCD Sociology)

Industrial sociology, social stratification and social mobility, values, poverty and social exclusion and the life cycle