Title: Bargaining Power and Negotiation Tactics: Negotiations on the EU’s Financial Perspective, 2007-2013 (PDF 3.6MB)

Author(s): Andreas Dür and Gemma Mateo

Paper number and date: WP 08-02, May 2008

Abstract: We argue that in intergovernmental negotiations in the European Union, large member states, countries with a good alternative to negotiated agreement, and governments facing domestic constraints are more likely to resort to hard bargaining tactics than less powerful member countries. We test this prediction with data from a survey with high-level officials from all EU member states for the case of the negotiations concerning the EU Financial Perspective, 2007-2013. The evidence provides support for our argument and casts doubt on studies that suggest either that there are no differences in bargaining strategies across EU member countries or that the main differences exist between old and new EU member countries.

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