Title: ‘A Door Neither Closed Nor Open’: Europe's Inconsistent Support for Democratic Reform in Ukraine (PDF 3.6MB)

Author(s): Richard Youngs

Paper number and date: WP 08-05, July 2008

Abstract: Ukraine provides evidence of very different CFSP negotiating dynamics. In the run up to the country’s Orange revolution significant differences persisted between member states over how the EU should support Ukraine’s democratic transition. A combination of normative entrapment and co-operative bargaining ensured that ‘maximalist’ and ‘minimalist’ member states united around a common position in support of the Orange revolution. In subsequent debates over whether the EU should offer Ukraine a membership prospect, however, lowest common denominator dynamics prevailed. This case additionally demonstrates that both before and after Ukraine’s democratic transition very specific external geo-strategic factors played an important role in conditioning EU policy outcomes.

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