Title: Three Islands of Knowledge about Negotiation in International Organizations (PDF 3.6MB)

Author(s): John Odell

Paper number and date: WP 09-01, May 2009

Abstract: Today we have three bodies of literature relevant for understanding negotiations in international organizations, and they seem like islands in the sea, largely independent from one another. Each island has established significant relevant knowledge, while not taking the others’ ideas into account very much. Each has potential value for scholars of the European Union. The three are negotiation analysis, political economy, and constructivist contributions. This divided field, after accomplishing much, offers many interesting opportunities for fresh research. It faces the prominent challenges of addressing fundamental conceptual problems and integrating the separate literatures.

Keywords: Argument, bargaining, case study, coalition, communication, experiment, negotiation, distributive strategy, integrative strategy, international organization, persuasion

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