Title: Issue Characteristics, Issue Linkage, and States’ Choice of Bargaining Strategies in the European Union (PDF 3.6MB)

Author(s): Heather Elko McKibben

Paper number and date: WP 09-07, May 2009

Abstract: How do the character and distribution of issues (i.e. issue linkage) affect the choice of bargaining strategies in the European Union (EU)? I argue that despite several important steps taken in the current literature, the theoretical and empirical evaluation of the impact of issue characteristics and issue linkage on bargaining strategies in the EU remains an important path for future research. I briefly review this literature and highlight gaps in our current understanding of these effects. I then build on this discussion to develop empirically testable hypotheses for future work in this research program. After deriving these hypotheses, I highlight several difficulties related to conceptualization, measurement, and research design that future research must overcome in order to empirically test these hypotheses in a rigorous and systematic way. I conclude by arguing that overcoming these difficulties, though challenging, is a worthwhile endeavor in the study of EU bargaining.

Keywords: bargaining, bargaining strategy, European Union, issue linkage, negotiation

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