Title: The Choice of Bargaining Strategies in the European Union: Power, Preferences, and Culture (PDF 3.6MB)

Author(s): Andreas Dür & Gemma Mateo

Paper number and date: WP 09-08, May 2009

Abstract: We introduce a series of arguments that explain how country characteristics influence the choice of bargaining strategies. The country characteristics that we consider are a country’s power resources, preferences, and culture. We derive a series of hypotheses from these variables, and present their implications for intergovernmental negotiations in the European Union (EU). We also discuss the methodological difficulties inherent in studying negotiation behaviour: the secrecy surrounding the negotiations, the biases introduced by asking participants, and the difficulty of inferring from role plays to real-world negotiations. While recognising these difficulties, we conclude that research on this topic is essential to arrive at a better understanding of how the negotiation process influences negotiation outcomes.

Keywords: culture, European Union, negotiations, negotiation strategies, power, preferences

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