UCD Discovery supports emerging interdisciplinary research in UCD and helps to build and strengthen interdiscplinary networks and research themes across all disciplines in the University.  All of our programmes are interdisciplinary and open to all UCD faculty.  


Discovery Research Programmes & Series

Ageing Programme 


Debating Ageing- Transdiciplinary Engagement Forum

The Conway Institute, UCD Discovery, The Geary Institute, The HRB Ignite Connect Programme, The Centre for the History of Medicine and the Humanities Institute are delighted to launch Debating Ageing, a transdisciplinary engagement forum. Ageing is an irreversible physiological process that happens in diverse social, cultural and economic settings. How well we age is determined by a myriad of factors, ranging from biology, access to healthcare, financial resources, education and lifestyle to other cultural factors that include how a society perceives and evaluates old age.

Our public engagement series aims to examine ageing as a complex phenomenon that requires a transdisciplinary frame of analysis. We propose to adopt a constructive approach that analyses the biological, medical, psychological, social and cultural factors that can facilitate positive experiences of old age. Lectures and workshops will involve academics from the following fields: health science, social science, humanities (art history, literary disciplines, film studies, musicology, theology, history), medical humanities, psychology, and education. 

Upcoming Event: November 19th


Intergenerational Jigsaw Club

As part of our Ageing Programme, the Institute runs and weekly Intergenerational Jigsaw club. The club helps to seed interdisciplinary community in non-traditional ways across the University by having an open invite to local community and university staff and students.

Food for Thought: Perspectives on Food in Science, History and Society

UCD Research and the UCD Institute for Discovery are hosting a kick of workshop for the Food for Thought: Perspectives on Food in Science, History and Society Programme, on 7 December 2018.

The programme will bring together food researchers from the Institute of Food and Health, Geary Institute, and Conway Institute with other researchers across all schools including non food-based disciplines. Researchers working on any aspect of food are welcome: whether agriculture, economics, sustainability, biotechnology, environment, food science, manufacturing and engineering, historical, cultural, social and political aspects, food policy, food security, nutrition, health, well-being and any others.

The overall objective of the programme is to develop funding proposals for interdisciplinary funded research on food that brings together STEM disciplines with AHSS. The event will be a space to learn about the different types of research in UCD on food and opportunities for collaboration. We will have short presentations from people about their food research interests.

Upcoming Event: Kick off Workshop on 7 December 2018

Plotting the Future: Towards Sustainability. Environment. Society. Economy.

Led by the UCD Humanities Institute, UCD Earth Institute, the UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy and UCD Discovery, the Plotting the Future: Towards Sustainability series will launch in January 2019. Building on the success of the 2017/18 Plotting the Future series which addressed the social, cultural and economic impact of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, Plotting the Future: Towards Sustainability explores the question of whether and how life in the Anthropocene can be made sustainable.  



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