Public Lecture: Faith & Wisdom in Science

A public lecture by Prof. Tom McLeish, Durham University held in UCD on May 3rd 2017

You can listen to the lecture and the interview with Professor Tom McLeish and Dr Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain by visiting the links below.

Lecture Abstract

Loud voices in the media declare that science has conclusively dismissed the possibility of God through repeated waves of discovery: the underlying laws of physics, the ancient beginnings of the cosmos and the earth, the evolution of species, the chemical basis of the brain … but is this the right conclusion? What does history say? What do the most far-sighted scientists say? And what does theology actually say? Might science actually need some help to rediscover its human and cultural roots? Join UK physicist and author of Faith and Wisdom in Science (OUP) Tom McLeish to explore the issues.