Funding Opportunities Through EI

UCD Discovery was delighted to partner with Enterprise Ireland and our colleagues in NovaUCD to deliver a vibrant panel discussion and networking session on Funding Opportunities through Enterprise Ireland. We would like to thank our excellent panel of UCD researchers  - Antoinette Perry, John Baugh, Elena Blockhina, Sadegh Panahiazar and Morteza Matkan - who were recently successful with Enterprise Ireland funding and kindly shared their inspirational stories and gave invaluable advice to a packed theatre.

Grainne Ryan, Senior Commercialisation Specialist at EI, has kindly shared her slides and the links for further information on the EI calls that she highlighted at the event.

EI Event Slides

Further information on the EI calls presented at Funding Opportunities through Enterprise Ireland

Commercialisation Fund Feasibility
Commercialisation Fund
Innovation Partnership Programme
Business Partners Programme



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