UCD College of Engineering & Architecture Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality Diversity & Inclusion

UCD established the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group (EDI) in 2015 with the objective of embedding these principles into all aspects of university decision making, policy, and strategy development to promote an inclusive and diverse work and study environment for all. The College of Engineering & Architecture has supported this work through its participation on the EDI Group and its subcommittees since 2015 and is committed to creating an environment where everyone is treated fairly regardless of gender, age, race, disability, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, civil status, family status, or membership of the travelling community.

Athena Swan

In 2017 the College formed an Athena Swan Self-Assessment Committee to evaluate and address gender-bias within our community of staff and students. This committee is composed of academics from each of the six schools in addition to representatives from the Professional and Administrative staff and students. This project will involve anonymous surveys of both staff and students on the subject of gender-bias in the autumn of 2018. Based on more general statistics along with this survey feedback and small focus groups held in late autumn, the Athena Swan Self-Assessment Committee will identify the primary issues facing the college and its six schools, and develop an action plan to address these issues in the following 3 years at which point the situation will be reassessed.

The Athena Swan surveys will also collect feedback on the remaining grounds for discrimination listed above, and will use this data to identify other issues of concern within the college and the six schools. This information will be used by the College and the schools to identify ways to address these issues. In 2018 the School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy and the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering chose to establish school-level EDI committees in order to better address issues at a school-level.

Your participation on the survey will critically inform the work of the Athena Swan committee and the EDI school committees. The promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion concerns all of us and is the responsibility of all members of our community, in order to create a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can contribute and reach their full potential.

Dr. Elizabeth Shotton
Vice Principal, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Chair, Athena Swan


If you have concerns or have experienced harassment on any of these grounds, there are resources available to help. Students are advised to contact our College Student Advisor, Colleen Doyle at (01) 716 1875 or the UCD Student Counselling Service on (01) 7163134. Staff and students can avail of the Dignity & Respect Policy (http://www.ucd.ie/equality/support/dignityrespect/) which outlines the informal and formal routes to address any issues. There is also a Dignity & Respect Panel, whose members can provide non-directive and non-judgemental support and information to employees and students experiencing harassment on a strictly confidential basis. They will provide information on the range of informal options and supports available and also explain the formal procedures.

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Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy: Professor Mark Scott
Biosystems & Food Engineering: Dr Fionnuala Murphy
Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering: Dr Eoin Syron
Civil Engineering: Dr Daniel McCrum
Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Dr Giacomo Severini
Mechanical & Materials Engineering: Prof Lizbeth Goodman

Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy: Professor Peter Clinch
Electrical & Electronic Engineering: Dr Giacomo Severini
Mechanical & Materials Engineering: Prof Lizbeth Goodman
Civil Engineering: Ms Beini Chen
Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering: Dr Eoin Syron

Dr Elizabeth Shotton Dr Eoin O’Neill Dr Fionnuala Murphy Dr Eoin Syron
Dr Daniel McCrum Dr Giacomo Severini Prof Lizbeth Goodman Ms Gillian Reilly
Ms Laura Egan-O’Brien Prof Donal Finn (Co-Chair) Prof Finola O’Kane Crimmins Prof Nick Holden
Prof Michael Bruen Ms. Angela Hayles Ms Aislinn McCarthy (Student) Dr Rebecca Whetton
Devasanthini Devaraj (Student) Dr Fiachra O'Loughlin Mr Liam Carroll Ms Daniela Donati (Student)