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'Le Tour de France', Technology enriched learning featured in T&L showcase

There is a constant need to look for new ways of motivating students, of providing them prompt feedback and of helping them to retain the material at lectures. This need is met here by introducing a novel formative assessment that makes lectures more entertaining and promotes student attendance and engagement. It consists of a game (a cyclist race simulating ‘Le Tour de France’) built around a Student Response System...

news and events

Researchers at Civil Engineering awarded Charlemont Scholarships

Dr Luke J. Prendergast and Dr Linh Truong-Hong, both researchers in the School of Civil Engineering, received Charlemont Scholarships at the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin. The scheme, named in honour of the Academy’s first president, and notable Grand Tourist, James Caulfeild, the first Earl of Charlemont (1728-99), facilitates short international visits for the conduct of primary research in any subject area.

news and events

Constructing Social Spaces

The aim of this project is to improve the quality of the social spaces in the Newstead Building through staff-student collaboration. The Newstead Building and surrounding spaces have the potential to be a social hub, but there sometimes exists a disconnect between the space provided and the needs of the building users. This project will bridge this gap by facilitating the staff and students in the School of Civil Engineering work together to design and build according to their needs...

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Augmented reality comes to UCD Civil Engineering

Mr. Soroosh Jalilvand, a doctoral student in the School of Civil Engineering at UCD, with support provided by Prof. Debra Laefer, has brought high-tech visualisation into the teaching arena for geotechnics and surveying through the implementation of a soil/water augmented reality system. The Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox is the first of its kind in Irish universities.

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Congratulations to Luke Prendergast, ESAI Postgraduate Researcher of 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Luke J. Prendergast from University College Dublin (UCD) who has been awarded the 2015 ESAI Postgraduate Researcher of the Year by the Environmental Sciences Association of Ireland. The winner of this prestigious annual award receives a prize of €500. Luke has just finished his PhD thesis entitled “Monitoring of scour around structures using changes in natural frequency of vibration”, an inter-disciplinary effort combining both structural dynamics and geotechnical engineering...

news and events

Outreach in Willow Park Junior School, Dublin, 10 Nov 2015

The activity was led by Dr. Aoife Ahern, leader of Work Package on Training in TRUSS, and Dr. John O’Sullivan and Dr Patrick J. Purcell, lecturers from UCD School of Civil Engineering. It gathered more than 100 children at the School’s Gym and it ran from 11.30 am to 1 pm. There were four 4th-form classes (about 9 years old), divided into six groups of about four boys each.