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Award from Science Foundation Ireland won by Professor OBrien

Prof Eugene OBrien has just won an award from Science Foundation Ireland on the topic of Camera Based Bridge Safety Monitoring. The award is worth €400,000 to UCD and is part of SFI’s US/Ireland programme. It is in partnership with Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Central Florida. Many bridges, in European and the United States, have deteriorated and lost some load carrying capacity over their life cycles. However, they may still be safe, given their conservative designs. A great deal of money can be saved by ...

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TEAM project is published in the stories section of Horizon 2020 website

The story on TEAM project (led by Dr. Ciaran McNally in UCD) has been published in the Project's stories section of the Horizon 2020 website: on the 10th June 2015. The article is reproduced here: "With transport demand increasing rapidly, an EU-funded network investigated how ...

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Team in Urban Modelling Group wins the 3D Contest of the 2015 IEEE GRSS

The Data Fusion Contest, organized by the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is an annual competition aimed at stimulating the development of novel and effective remote sensing data fusion and analysis technologies. The first prize of the 3D contest this year was recently awarded to a research work by Anh-Vu Vo, Dr. Linh Truong-Hong and Prof. Debra...

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Biannual lecture by Geotech Soc named on honour of Eamon Hanrahan

The Geotech Soc. have decided to have a bi-annual named lecture. At the AGM on Thursday 23rd April, Eamon Hanrahan was selected for that honour. Eamon Hanrahan enjoyed a long and productive lifespan of 95 years, during which he made an important contribution to the development of geotechnical engineering education and practice in Ireland. He was born in Limerick city in 1917, where he attended local primary and secondary schools. He studied engineering at University College Dublin (UCD) and was awarded the BE degree in Civil ...

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Lectures on Solids Waste Management by Prof Ange Nzihou

Prof Ange Nzihou,Director of the Research Centre for Particulate Solid, Energy and Environment at Ecole des Mines Albi in France, was invited to deliver 3 days of lectures on Solids Waste Management in the School on 15-17 April 2015. Prof. Nzihou has developed outstanding research in thermochemical conversion of biomass; residues and waste to energy and valuable materials; the engineering of carbon and phosphate based hybrid/composite materials for adsorption and catalysis; and heavy metal contaminant remediation with ...

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3D printing facilities in Civil Engineering, Newstead

Prof. Debra F. Laefer has brought 3D printing to Ireland by launching the country’s first, full-service, commercial-level 3D printing hub, U3D. Housed at the University College Dublin where she teaches in the School of Civil Engineering, U3D, offers scan to print services, 3D printing classes, and all major 3D printing technologies including metal printing. The endeavor is an outgrowth of her European Research Council (ERC) funded research that developed mechanisms to auto-convert remote sensing technology such as laser...