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The Mechanics of Stabbing

Dr Aisling Ní Annaidh and Prof Michael Gilchrist have developed a finite element model of blade penetration to help the State Pathologists Office quantify the force in stabbing incidents.

news and events

Head Protection Novel Materials - Seminar, Friday 6th May, 1pm, Room 204

Head protection materials have remained largely unchanged since the 1970’s, with expanded polystyrene still forming the predominant impact energy absorbing component in the majority of helmets. Dr Peter Theobald will present research on novel material structures for enhanced head protection in sports.

news and events

Image Guided Navigation in Airways - Monday 18th April, 1pm, room 204

This seminar will focus on the recent work in this field by the Biomedical Design Research Group at University College Cork. A novel electromagnetic tracking tool with improved accuracy and interference immunity will be presented, which may aid in novel therapies for lung cancer.

news and events

MME PhD takes pride of place in UCD's Women's GAA

Bo Zhang, working with Professor Lizbeth Goodman, SMARTlab, was featured on RTE last week as one of the players for the UCD International Women's Team who won the Silver Medal at the 2015 Fexco Asian Gaelic Games in Shanghai.

news and events

Traumatic Brain Injury seminar - Monday 7th March, room 204

MME 2001 graduate, Dr John D. Finan, Northshore University, Chicago, gives a talk entitled "Mechanisms and Treatment of Traumatic Axonal Injury". This highlights groundbreaking research in the field of traumatic brain injury (TBI) which is the the leading cause of death among young people in the developed world.

news and events

Industrial giant Bekaert launches University Technology Centre in UCD

The joint UCD-Bekaert Centre will engage in cutting edge research into wire products for applications as diverse as reinforced concrete and book binding.

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