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Mechanical Engineer is Entrepreneur of the Year

A graduate of UCD Mechanical Engineering has won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Patrick Joy is the founder and chairman of Louth-based firm Suretank, the world’s largest manufacturer of cargo-carrying units for offshore oil and gas industry.

news and events

UCD Academic awarded Institute of Materials Finishing gold medal

Denis Dowling was awarded Institute of Materials Finishing (IMF) gold medal at its October AGM in Birmingham. This is the highest accolade given by the Institute and is presented from time to time for outstanding personal, scientific or technical achievement.

news and events

‘You’re hired’. Nick Hewer presents award to Eoin O’Cearbhaill

The prestigious IChemE Innovative Produce of the Year Award was presented to Dr O’Cearbhaill’s research team for a product inspired by, of all role-models, a parasitic worm.

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Enbio blooms after relocation to NovaUCD

John O’Donoghue, founder of surface technology company Enbio, is candid about the many challenges of getting a tech start-up off the ground.

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UCD academic floats in outer space...nearly.

Dr David Browne and PhD student Andrew Murphy participated in a parabolic flight campaign to examine the effects of varying gravity levels on metallic solidification, as observed through in-situ X-radiography. This was part of ongoing UCD work on the effects of gravity on solidification and is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA).

news and events

Cost-effective, mass production for replicating nanofeatures.

UCD has developed a low cost mass manufacturing method to precisely replicate micro-/nanofeatures onto plastic mi-cro-parts. We are looking for industrial partners in the plas-tic micro-components manu-facturing industry, where such precise replication is essential for their products, to identify their commercial needs and develop generic/product-specific prototypes.

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