ERASMUS & Non-EU Exchange

Every year, more than 40% of students from UCD Engineering avail of the opportunity to study for a semester in one of our partner schools in Asia, Australia, the US, but mostly in Europe.

The school has a strong and well-established reputation internationally. The programme has been very active at the international level, with an extensive Erasmus and International network of strong schools and regular visiting lecturers, critics and external examiners.

In UCD Engineering Stage 3 students have the opportunity to study abroad at another Global University where UCD has an Erasmus or Exchange agreement. This provides students with an invaluable opportunity to experience engineering in a variety of cultural contexts.

Interested students must hold a minimum GPA of 3.08 and must obtain a grade of no less than C- in their core modules. Students should speak with their Academic Exchange Coordinator in the first instance who are;

Check out UCD Global’s recent presentation on Exchange Opportunities for Engineering Students.

For further information on the ERASMUS/Non-EU Exchange Programmes, you can visit the UCD Global website or contact: /