Frequently Asked Questions

What is the company’s role in the PWE Internship?

The role of the company is to provide the student with a meaningful internship, which complements their education and broadens their skillset. Your expectations of the student should not differ from that of any other employee and we ask that you provide a safe, relevant and challenging work environment.

Does the company have to enter into an agreement with the University?

Yes, all internships come under a standard UCD contract known as an Internship Agreement that will be signed by the University and the internship provider. This agreement will be sent to you once you have appointed an intern and must be returned prior to the intern commencing the internship.

What is the typical remuneration involved?

We recommend that students are paid at least minimum wage. We have found that the level of pay can impact an employer’s degree of success in recruiting the best candidate.

Are there any restrictions hiring international students?

No, there are no work permits required for international students (non EU/EEA citizens) who wish to undertake an internship in Ireland. Students enrolled on degree programmes are allowed to undertake an internship where this forms part of their course. Further information can be found at

Are there any insurance requirements?

The host company will be expected to have in place appropriate insurance cover in relation to their use of student interns. UCD Engineering students on PWE internships will be covered by the University’s Public Liability Policy, details of which will be supplied to you with the Internship Agreement.

How are students assessed?

  • An Academic Supervisor will be assigned to the student and a site visit will be arranged to ensure the student’s progress during the internship.
  • Students are required to keep a diary of their experience, to be shown to the module coordinator or academic supervisor on request.
  • Students must complete a final report, summarising their experiences, with specific reference to their general learning, technical learning and personal learning.
  • Employers complete an Employer Assessment Form when the internship finishes.