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Automated soil respiration system

Model: Li-8150-8 Multiplexer

The LI-8150 Multiplexer gives the user the flexibility to operate as many as 16 chambers, in any combination of opaque (8100-104) or clear (8100-104C) chambers. The LI-8150 Multiplexer houses a large pump, filters and solenoids to switch between chambers and transfer air from the chambers to the LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit.

The LI-8150 Multiplexer greatly expands the capability of the LI-8100A and provides a simple solution that satisfies both temporal and spatial resolution requirements for monitoring CO2 flux. Designed exclusively for use with the LI-8100A, the LI-8150 allows up to 16 chambers to be connected to provide adequate spatial coverage. The system's automation enables long-term, unattended measurement of diel and seasonal flux patterns.

  • Area of research: Plant. Symbiotic interactions. Climate change and mitigation options for croplands.
  • Research Themes: Experimental Athmospheres and Ecosystems
  • Ownership: UCD Earth Institute
  • This tool is : Portable
  • Access: Restricted
  • Item type : Component
  • Year of purchase: 2012

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