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Daylight and Solar Radiation Monitoring Station


The project proposes to establish a solar and daylight monitoring station on the campus of UCD Its purpose is to:

  • Provide a regularly monitored and recorded dataset of both solar and daylight irradiance and radiance for use in sustainable building and solar applications and research.
  • Provide a fully equipped experimental platform available for the development and testing of new instruments and devices relevant to the the general fields of solar eneregy and daylight in building design and modelling.
  • Area of research: Dynamics of daylight, buildings, solar energy
  • Research Themes:
  • Ownership: UCD Earth Institute
  • This tool is :
  • Access: Research
  • Item type : System
  • Year of purchase: 2012

Ana Serrenho,
Technology Platform Manager,
Email: ana.serrenho@ucd.ie
Phone: (01) 716 2679