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Daylight and Solar Radiation Monitoring Station

Model: Li-210sl Photometric Sensor

The LI-210 Photometric Sensor utilizes a filtered silicon photodiode to provide a spectral response that matches the CIE curve within ± 5% with most light sources. This photodiode and filter combination is placed within a fully cosine-corrected sensor head to provide the proper response to radiation at various angles of incidence.

Some of the applications for the LI-210 Photometric Sensor include interior and industrial lighting, outdoor illuminance, passive solar energy, architecture and lighting models, illumination engineering, and biological sciences that require illuminance measurements. The LI-210 is a research grade photometric sensor that is very reasonably priced.

  • Area of research: Dynamics of daylight, buildings, solar energy
  • Research Themes: Geophysical Sensing Suite
  • Ownership: UCD Earth Institute
  • This tool is :
  • Access: Research
  • Item type : Component
  • Year of purchase: 2012

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Technology Platform Manager,
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