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The measurement of the sky luminance distribution is an important feature of an IDMP research class station. UCD Architecture is currently focusing on the development of a better soltuion than that currently specified by the CIE and based on Imaging Luminance Measurement Devices, an important and developing instrument. A Nikon D3 camera will be used in a remotely controlled installation, mounted with the instruments of the Daylight and Solar Radiation Monitoring Station. Images will be captured over short time intervals providing fisheye images and data corresponding to the data collected in the general station and providing a high level of visual and numeric data on sky dynamics.

  • Area of research: Dynamics of daylight, buildings, solar energy
  • Research Themes: Geophysical Sensing Suite
  • Ownership: UCD Earth Institute
  • This tool is :
  • Access: Research
  • Item type : System
  • Year of purchase: 2012

Ana Serrenho,
Technology Platform Manager,
Email: ana.serrenho@ucd.ie
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