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Transmission Electron Microscope with a Cryogenic Stage

Manufacturer: FEI UK LIMITED
Model: Tecnai F30

"Cryo transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM) is increasingly becoming a mainstream technology for studying the architecture of cells, viruses and protein assemblies at near atomic resolution to reveal new functional processes and molecular interactions. Cryo-TEM is a powerful technique that can provide the three dimensional structures of large protein complexes that are more challenging to determine by other biophysical techniques including X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy.

The system is one of the second generation (G2) series of microscopes that use a thermally assisted field emission gun. The system is also equipped with a Gatan CCD camera. Typical applications: Materials sciences, Nanotechnology Semiconductor Life sciences."

  • Area of research: Nanoparticles
  • Research Themes: Sustainable Energy Systems Centre & Environmental Technology Competence Centre
  • Ownership: UCD Earth Institute
  • This tool is : Not Portable
  • Access: Open
  • Item type : System
  • Year of purchase: 2012

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