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Ecological impacts of invading seaweeds

Publication Date: 10 October, 2014


Diversity and Distributions: A Journal of Conservation Biogeography

Ecological impacts of invading seaweeds: a meta-analysis of their effects at different trophic levels

E. Maggi1,*, L. Benedetti-Cecchi1, A. Castelli1, E. Chatzinikolaou2, T. P. Crowe3, G. Ghedini1,†, J. Kotta4, D. A. Lyons3, C. Ravaglioli1, G. Rilov5, L. Rindi1 andF. Bulleri1
Article first published online: 10 OCT 2014

DOI: 10.1111/ddi.12264

Biological invasions are among the main threats to biodiversity. Concerns over their potential ecological, social and economic consequences have resulted in a plethora of studies aiming to estimate the direction and magnitude of the effects of non-native plants on resident species and communities. Despite such a large research effort, a comprehensive framework for understanding the impacts of invaders is still lacking, likely as a consequence of the difficulties in distilling generalities from disparate case studies. To promote a mechanistic understanding of the ecological impacts of non-native seaweeds, how the effects on resident organisms vary according to their trophic level we assessed. The results support the hypothesis that seaweeds’ effects on resident biodiversity are generally more negative within the same trophic level than on higher trophic guilds.

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