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The 6th Extreme Events and Climate Risk Seminar

Publication Date: 09 October, 2014


Cities under siege—extreme events, resilience and the role of insurance

The 6th EE & CR seminar takes place on the 23 and 24 October 2014 in New York organised by The Geneva Association in collaboration with the XL Group. As part of this two day event Professor Frederic Dias will present at a workshop on Extreme Water: Floods, Droughts and Hailstorms discussing the impacts of extreme water and what role the insurance industry can play.

Professor Dias's talk title will be 'Technology for the early detection of storm surges, combining advanced
mathematical techniques with acoustic sciences' and will be based on the ongoing research of Dr Emiliano Renzi, an AXA research fellow, who's work focuses on underwater acoustic sensing for detection, early warning and increased risk awareness of storm surges with application to Ireland. The project aims at developing an innovative early detection system for coastal flooding based on underwater sound waves.

For more information about the project visit the project web-site here.

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