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Submarine Landslides - Dr Aggeliki Giorgiopoulou

Publication Date: 26 August, 2014


Dr Aggeliki Giorgiopoulou and the Rockhall Bank expedition feature as the cover story in the July/August edition of Science Spin Magazine. 

Landslides are common on land, but more of them occur under the sea and when step banks slide, the water can rise up into a tsunami. Dr Giorgiopoulou explained that undersea landslides are actually quite common, but unless they are really big, we are not aware of them. Sometimes a tsunami is assumed to have been caused directly by an earthquake, was in fact generated by an undersea landslide. Marine landslides are likely to occur in many parts of the world, and one of the main aims of her research is t help to identify such areas and assess the risks they pose. In some areas the chances of being overwhelmed by a tsunami could be quite high, yet the level of risk is not known.

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You can also watch the video interview of Dr Giorgiopoulou to accompany this article here.