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Catch up on the SORBEH deep sea research expedition

Publication Date: 01 August, 2014


Missed the bog updates from the SORBEH expedition?

Vertical cliffs with hanging corals, sponges, anemones, clams and a variety of other marine fauna. The shear cliff defines the scarp of a small landslide on the side of another seabed pinnacle.

SORBEH is a research collaboration between UCD Earth Institute members Dr Aggeliki Georgiopoulou and her team (UCD School of Geological Sciences), Dr Ken Gavin and his team (UCD School of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering) and the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (UK) (Dr Veerle Huvenne and her team). The project aims to explore the geology and habitats of a series of deep sea escarpments offshore Ireland on the eastern slope of the Rockall Bank in the North Atlantic. The two week expedition retrieved sedimentary cores from the seabed using a brand new gravity corer, map the escarpment walls with multibeam bathymetry which have been brought to the labs at UCD for analysis. Cruise participants wrote daily reports which were posted to the Marine Institute blog: Scientists@Sea.

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