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Dr Jens Carlsson's voyage to the deep

Publication Date: 23 May, 2014


UCD Earth Institute member Dr Jens Carlsson will be participating in the US funded SEEPC expedition to the Gulf of Mexico chemosynthetic ecosystems (e.g. brine pool and Alaminos Canyon) this summer. The expedition is led by Dr Cindy Van Dover, Harvey W. Smith Professor of Biological Oceanography in the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences and Director, Duke Marine Lab at Duke University  where Dr Carlsson is also an adjunct assistant professor. This cruise is a continuation of his and Area 52’s (a research group based in the School of Biology and Environmental Science at University College Dublin) collaboration with Dr Van Dover and deep-sea research at Duke.

Dr Carlsson will board the R/V Atlantis in early June to explore methane seep ecosystems at more than 2000m depth. The Atlantis supports the DSV Alvin submersible. Atlantis and Alvin are probably best known for having found the RMS Titanic. However, Jens is not going to dive with the exact Alvin that found the Titanic – this has been out of service for several years, during which it has been extensively upgraded to be able to dive even deeper than before. The dives in the Gulf of Mexico constitute some of the sea trials needed before Alvin is allowed to dive to the depths it was recently fitted for. For this cruise they will be using Alvin to sample fauna and Dr Carlsson will be posting progress updates on the exhibition on Area 52's blog.

Area 52's blog

ALVIN submersible. NOAA