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Waste water challenges - lessons from Europe

Publication Date: 13 May, 2014


Professor Mikael Skou Anderson, Aarhus University, presented a European perspective to the UCD Earth Institute Waste Water Policy Workshop

In conjunction with the EPA and the UCD Dooge Centre for Water Resources Research, the UCD Earth Institute hosted a focused 1 day workshop on the issue of waste water policy in Ireland on 8th May in the UCD O’Brien Centre for Science.

Professor Mikael Skou Andersen is a professor in the Department of Department of Environmental Science - Environmental social science Aarhus University. He is a leading scholar in Europe and internationally on understanding the use of market based instruments for environmental policy, with a particular focus on learning from ex post analysis. His work includes providing a detailed understanding of the role of pricing of pollution, and specifically emissions to water, and their implications for economic efficiency, including the building and operation of waste water plants. When on secondment with the European Environmental Agency (EEA) he was a co-organiser and presenter at the Environmental Tax Reform workshop in Dublin in 2010.

A copy of his presentation is available here.