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Groundbreaking new model to better forecast volcanic eruptions

Publication Date: 16 December, 2013


Long-Period seismicity in the shallow volcanic edifice formed from slow-rupture earthquakes

Authors: Christopher J. Bean (UCD Earth Institute), Louis de Barros, Ivan Lokmer, Jean-Philippe Metaxian, Gareth O’ Brien, Shane Murphy

Published online: December 15th, 2013

An international team of scientists led by University College Dublin have developed a new model which aims to better forecast volcanic eruptions; this work was recently published in Nature Geoscience (online December 15th, 2013). “We investigated characteristic earthquake-like seismic signals often seen before volcanic eruptions and reinterpreted them as part of a completely different model to explain the processes happening within the volcano”, says Prof Chris Bean, UCD School of Geological Sciences and member of the UCD Earth Institute.

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