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Biological flora of the British isles: Gunnera tinctoria.

Publication Date: 09 October, 2013


Margherita Gioria and Bruce A Osborne.

Journal of Ecology, 101(1):243–264, 2013.

This account presents information on all aspects of the biology of Gunnera tinctoria (Molina) Mirb. (Gchilensis Lam.; G. scabra Ruix & Pav.; G. pilosa Kunth) that are relevant to understanding its ecological characteristics and behaviour. The main topics are presented within the standard framework of the Biological Flora of the British Isles: distribution, habitat, communities, responses to biotic factors, responses to environment, structure and physiology, phenology, floral and seed characters, herbivores and disease, history and conservation.

Gunnera tinctoria is a gynomonoecious, clonal, perennial herb that is naturalized in parts of Britain, becoming invasive in parts of Ireland and, more recently, Scotland. It occurs where winter temperatures are mild, and precipitation and humidity are high. Gunnera tinctoria is native to South America, predominantly in the Andean region of Chile and Colombia, and probably in parts of Argentina, ranging from sea level to c. 2000 m a.s.l.