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Dr Stephen O'Brien interview by Jonathan McCrea

Publication Date: 24 September, 2013


Dr Stephen O'Brien interviewed as part of Newstalk's science and technology show 'Futureproof'

Listen back to Jonathan McCrea's interview with Dr O'Brien, aired last Sunday 22 September, as part of the radio programme 'Futureproof'. Dr O'Brien was interviewed about his research in molecular biology when in Dublin to present a lecture entitled ‘A Moving Landscape of Wildlife Natural Histories – Uncommon Glimpses for survival, adaptive resilience and biomedical discovery’ at the RIA, on the 18 September, as part of the Institute’s public lecture series.

Dr. Stephen O’Brien is a world leading molecular biologist and dedicated conservationist who uses the tools of molecular biology to help protect endangered species and understand devastating diseases such as cancer and AIDS. He received his PhD in Genetics from Cornell University, USA, in 1971. He then joined the prestigious National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health as a post-doc in 1971 and, there, served as Founder and Chief of the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity from 1986-2011.