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Jenny McElwain tells Silicon Republic about plants and climate change

Publication Date: 08 April, 2015


UCD Earth Institute member, Prof Jenny McElwain, has been telling the Institute's media partner, Silicon Republic, about how plant science can enhance our understanding of climate change. The video interview is available on the Clean Tech channel of Silicon Republic: http://www.siliconrepublic.com/clean-tech/item/41491-the-only-organism-that-can/

She points out that examining the evolutionary responses of plants to long-term climatic and atmospheric change is considered one of the best ways of measuring how our planet’s climate has changed. However, while we can genetically modify plants and organisms to enable them acclimate and adapt to climate change, humans are the only living organisms with the power to address and resolve the overall problem.

Jenny also notes that the multidisciplinary environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure provided by the UCD Earth Institute is hugely beneficial in taking a holistic approach to research on these issues.