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Our members are active in presenting their research and the importance of sustainable living to the next generation through a variety of schools outreach projects. 

UCD Earth Institute engages in a number of school orientated outreach activities. Our members are involved in providing class room based talks and workshops, teacher training, and science communication events and initiatives.

Science for Schools

Science for Schools is a research experience for secondary school teachers. Over four weeks in summer 2014 two teachers were hosted by Professor Emma Teeling's lab to explore key biological concepts in Comparative Genomics, Evolution, Ecology and Ecosystems and Speciation. During the programme the teachers developed a free transition year programme based on what they learned, which is now available for download to all schools. The teachers also blogged about their experience in Teeling’s lab throughout the project, highlighting what really goes on in science labs at UCD.

Institute member Professor Jennifer MaElwain hosted a research experience for teacher’s program in summer 2013. The program offered two teachers an opportunity to spend four weeks embedded within UCD’s Plant Palaeoecology and Palaeobiology research group. The teachers experienced life in research and expanded their understanding and interest in plant biology by spending time with the research team members. You can trace back over the teacher’s experiences through their personal blogs or download Transition Year resources that were developed as part of this program.


To find out what outreach activities are coming up see our events calendar or to find out more contact us here