Lunchtime Seminars

Lunchtime seminars are held each Tuesday during term time at 1pm in G01 Science West.



  • 20th February: Dr Andrew Parnell (UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics) 'Using radiocarbon dating for tsunamis and sudden past climate changes'
  • 13th February: Dr Matthieu Clog (SUERC) 'Looking inside molecules: clumped and position-specific isotopes'
  • 6th February: Joint Seminar - Laura Berdi (UCD PostGrad) 'The sedimentary architecture of the Hatton Basin from new 2D seismic reflection and gravity data' ; Clara Gomez Garcia (UCD PostGrad) 'Passive seismic imaging at deposit to regional scales using integrated waveform techniques'
  • 30th January: Dr Sean Johnson (UCC, iCRAG) 'How does the secular distribution of highly metalliferrous black shales correspond with peaks in atmospheric oxygen?
  • 23rd January: Joint seminar - Javier Lopez Cabrera (UCD, iCRAG PostGrad) 'Measuring and modelling stacking patterns in turbidite sequences' ;  Senad Subasic (UCD PostGrad) 'Passive seismic methods - receiver functions' ; Giusseppe Maggio (DIAS/UCD PostGrad) 'Pilot application of seismic noise cross-correlation techniques at Boliden Tara Mines'



  • 5th December: Joint seminar - Eoin O'Donnell (UCD, iCRAG PostGrad) 'Syn-rift basin fill architecture - constraints from forward stratigraphic modelling' ;  Brydon Lowney (UCD, iCRAG PostGrad) 'Diffraction Imaging: an outlook on super-resolution' ; Conor O'Sullivan (UCD, iCRAG PostGrad) ' Structural and kinematic analysis of the Slyne and Erris basins; exploring the links between structural evolution and traps'
  • 28th November: Dr Marco Fonesu (ENI, former UCD PhD student) 'Hybrid event beds: facies, processes and distribution in deep-water turbidity systems'
  • 21st November: Dr Eszter Badenszki (UCD, iCRAG) 'Early Paleozoic evolution of southern Scotland: evidence from deep crustal xenoliths'
  • 14th November: Dr Neil Grant (ConocoPhilips) 'Effective stress, porosity trends and fault sealing in the Skagerrak Formation of the North Sea'
  • 31st October: Dr Liam Reinhardt (University of Exeter) 'The development of mountainous topography: past, present and humanities role in shaping the future'
  • 24th October: Dr Matt Loader (Natural History Museum) 'The effect of titanite crystallization on Eu and Ce anomalies in zircon and its implications for the assessment of porphyry Cu deposit fertility'
  • 17th October: Dr Damien Closson (EUROSENSE/University of Liege) 'The Dead Sea: a natural laboratory for the study of the Anthroponcene'
  • 10th October: Dr David van Acken (UCD, iCRAG) 'Re-Os geochronology: what we can and cannot date'
  • 3rd October: Dr John Conneally (UCD, iCRAG) '3D Geometry and Kinematics of segmented normal faults - insights from displacement backstripping'
  • 26th September: Dr Jiulin Cloe Guo (UCD, iCRAG) 'Structural modelling of the Lough Allen Basin and beyond: implications for hydrocarbon exploration and production'
  • 19th September: Dr Eva Eibl (DIAS/UCD) 'Monitoring a volcanic eruption in Iceland using Seismic Tremor'
  • 25th April: Dr Daniel Morgan (University of Leeds) 'Eyjafjallajökull 2010: unravelling crystal histories to understand pre-eruptive behaviours'
  • 18th April: Dr Howard Falcon-Lang (Royal Holloway) 'The mid-Carboniferous terrestrialisation event'
  • 10th April: Dr Steve Hollis (UCD, iCRAG) 'Closing the Iapetus Ocean: implications for VMS and orogenic gold mineralization in the north of Ireland'
  • 28th March: Dr Anthea Lacchia (UCD, iCRAG) 'Spirals on the shale: ammonoid biostratigraphy of the Shannon Basin, Western Ireland'
  • 7th March: Joint seminar - Aileen Doran (UCD, iCRAG PostGrad) 'Using Zn-Cu-S and clumped O-C isotopes to constrain hydrothermal fluid flow and deposition processes in Irish-type deposits' ;  David Kater (UCD, iCRAG PostGrad) 'Rare elements enrichment processes in LCT pegmatites and implications for geochemical exploration'
  • 2nd March (Thursday): Dr Sam Poppe (Vrike Universiteit Brussel) 'An unusual patient: documenting analogue experiments of volcanic intrusions with X-ray Computed Tomography'
  • 28th February: Dr Sabastian Zimmermann (UCD, iCRAG) 'Provenance and tetonic evolution of Mesozoic sandstones in the Banda Arc, Indonesia - Chasing rocks on subtropical islands'
  • 21st February: Prof. Brian Williams (University of Aberdeen and visiting Professor at UCD) 'The Lower Old Red Sandstone Continent: Wales and Ireland'
  • 14th February: Dr Lingli Zhou (Trinity College Dublin) 'The Secrets of Pyrite'
  • 7th February: Dr Holly Elliot (Camborne School of Mines, UK) 'Irish Zn-Pb mineralization: a role for volcanism'
  • 31st January: Joint seminar - Fani Papageorgiou (UCD Earth Sciences PostGrad) 'An investigation of uranium occurrence, sources and mobilization processes in selected Irish groundwaters' ;  Joao Monteiro Correia (UCD Earth Sciences PostGrad) 'Present and future regional scale climate influences on renewable energy resources'
  • 24th January: Dr Andy Pulham (Cobalt International Energy Consultant) 'Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging: new insights from deepwater conventional core data; sedimentary structures and rock properties'
  • 17th January: Dr Oded Katz (Geological Survey of Israel) 'Do higher sea cliff retreat rates imply faster sea cliff retreat? The dynamic of the eastern Mediterranean coastal cliff'



  • 29th November: Dr Eoghan Holohan (UCD) 'A Holey Show by the Dead Sea'
  • 22nd November: Prof. John Howell (University of Aberdeen) on the latest technological fieldwork techniques
  • 14th November (Monday): Prof. David Van Rooij (University of Ghent) 'Impact of the Mediterranean Outfloow Water on the European Atlantic margins; more than just an "exotic" water mass'
  • 8th November: Prof. Christopher MacLeod (Cardiff University) 'Tear up the textbooks: seafloor spreading, but not as you know it (IODP Expedition 360 - SloMo)'
  • 1st November: Prof. Stephen Gallagher (University of Melbourne) 'International Ocean Discovery Program Expedition 356: a Miocene-Pliocene record of reefs, climate and subsidence off Northwest Australia'
  • 24th October (Monday): Dr Sarah Donne (DIAS) 'Relationships between microseism generation and ocean wave parameters in the NE Atlantic, west of Ireland'
  • 18th October: Dr Roisin Kyne (UCD, iCRAG) 'The Mysterious Case of the Cobar-style Deposits: Using Structural Analysis and Geochemistry to Solve the Riddle!'
  • 11th October: Dr Thomas Gernon (University of Southampton) 'Volcanism during snowball Earth'
  • 4th October: Dr Michael Deininger (UCD) 'The Holocene atmospheric ciculation as inferred from speleothem records'
  • 27th September: Dr Alex Webber (University of Southampton) 'ROV exploration of hydrothermal sites in the Cayman Trough'
  • 20th September: Prof. Julian Menuge (UCD) 'Navan zinc-lead ore: origin and vectoring'
  • 13th September: Dr Steve Hollis (iCRAG/UCD) 'Targeting Volcanic-hosted Massive Sulfide (VHMS) mineralisation in the Yilgam Craton of Western Australia: do we need Archean subduction?'