Dr Laia Comas Bru awarded EAG Ambassador Award

Dr Laia Comas Bru has been awarded the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG) Ambassador Award.

This program is aimed at Early Career Scientists based in Europe who wish to attend conferences outside Europe. Supporting up to 9 scientists per year the program is aimed to fund conference attendance. More information can be found on the EAG website.

The award will will allow Dr Comas Bru to attend AGU in New Orleans (US), 11-15 December 2017 to present preliminary results of SISAL, a community wide-effort co-sponsored by Past Global Changes (PAGES) aimed at synthesizing and analyzing d18O and d13C speleothem records globally.

As coordinator of the SISAL initiative, Dr Comas Bru's objectives during the meeting are:

-          Identify new data contributors (i.e. Speleothem scientists) to fill in the gaps of the preliminary results of the SISAL synthesis

-          Communicate the need of involving the wide speleothem community for the success of SISAL

-          Investigate innovative ways of analysis that could be applied to the SISAL database