Toward a Global Synthesis of Stable Isotope Records from Speleothems

The new PAGES-sponsored Speleothem Isotopes Synthesis and Analysis (SISAL) working group is led by Dr Laia Comas Bru (UCD) and co-ordinated by Dr Michael Deininger (UCD), Prof Sandy Harrison (UK), Dr Andy Baker (Australia), Dr Myriam Bar-Matthews (Israel), Dr Wuhui Duan (China) and Dr Nicolás Strikis (Brazil) launched on February 23rd 2017.

This new working group will bring together speleothem scientists, speleothem-process modelers, statisticians and climate modelers to develop a global synthesis of speleothem isotopes that can be used both to explore past climate changes and in model evaluation.

The first SISAL workshop, titled "Toward a Global Synthesis of Stable Isotope Records from Speleothems workshop" will be held in UCD Dublin from 21-23 June 2017.

The meeting will create a framework for creating a global database of δ18O and δ13C speleothem records by:

~ Identifying the current status of speleothem-based paleoclimate reconstructions globally

~ Discussing how the speleothem data can be used in paleoclimate modeling studies

~ Identifying the speleothem research required for future paleoclimate modeling studies

~ Initiating the compliation of raw data and metadata

The creation of such database requires all the speleothem-based time-series to undergo quality controls regarding their reliability and interpretation. This requires inputs from representatives of the entire community. Thus, this meeting aims to bring together a represntative group of speleothem scientists, with climate and speleothem-process modellers and statiticians, so that the database can be created.

For an overview of the workshop, along with information on confirmed speakers and how to apply please see the PAGES website.