UCD Science Transition Year

Week of Workshops


UCD Science would like to invite you to register for our Transition Year workshops taking place during the February Mid-Term Break (Monday 12 February - Friday 15 February). There is no charge but registration is essential as places are limited.

Registration for the workshops, including the Earth Science workshop which runs Tuesday 13th February from 10am to 1pm, is via myucd.

Earth Scientists use a wide range of investigative techniques and tools to study of the geology of the Earth - at scales from the planetary to the sub millimetre.  This workshop will introduce you to several that are widely used, and that our undergraduate students develop expertise in during their BSc(Hons) Geology degree.  We will examine the use of laboratory modelling of the processes involved in faulting, how seismic imaging reveals what lies kilometres below the seafloor, and how scanning electron microscopy allows imaging and chemical analysis of materials.