Single Major, Stage One

In Stage 1 students must complete the following eight core modules (40 credits)

ECON10070 Introduction to Economics

ECON 10010 Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 10020 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 10030 Introduction to Quantitative Economics

ECON 10730 Data Analysis

ECON 10740 Exploring Economics

ECON 10750 Statistics for Economics (SH)

ECON 20130 Economic History

Students must also select 1 subject/stream among the ones listed below

- Mathematical Studies

- Politics

- Sociology

- Geography

 and must register to 10 credits of core modules within the subject chosen.

Students are also welcome to take an additional Level 1 module offered by the School, ECON 10040 Economics and Society, as option, although it is not a necessary prerequisite for progressing to stage 2.

Students must also pick two elective modules. Please note that if students wish to have the option of transferring out of the Economics Single Honours programme at the end of stage 1, and pursue instead a BA Joint Honours Degree in two subjects other than Economics, students are strongly recommended to use their elective modules to pick a second subject/stream offered in the BA and register to 10 credits of core modules in that subject. If you need further information regarding these decisions, please contact Dr. Tiziana Brancaccio (