Single Major, Stage 2

In Stage 2 students must complete the following six core modules (30 credits)

ECON 20010 Intermediate Microeconomics I

ECON 20180 Intermediate Microeconomics II

ECON 20020 Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECON 20170 Economic Research Workshop 1

ECON30130 Econometrics

MATH20330 Optimization for Economics

Please note that students transferring to Single Honours Economics at the end of stage 1 must take ECON20040 Statistics for Economics in semester 1 as one of their electives, and should then register for ECON30130 Econometrics in semester 2.

Students must also take four option modules from the following list of modules offered by the School in 2017-18 (20 credits).

ECON 20060 Irish Economy

ECON 20080 Economic Policy Analysis

ECON 20100 Game Theory

ECON 20120 European Economy

ECON 20130 Economic History

ECON 20190 Introduction to Financial Economics

DEV   20130 Sustainable Development Goals

ECON 30150 International Money and Banking

ECON 30270 Behavioural Economics

Note that it is also possible to take up to six economics options (30 credits), if electives are taken from the above list.

Please be aware that the list of option modules offered by the School is subject to changes and not all option modules available in 2017-18 may be available in the next academic years.