Single Major, Stage 3

Students must complete the following five core modules (30 credits)

ECON 30290   Advanced Microeconomics

ECON 30120   Advanced Macroeconomics

ECON 30130   Econometrics

ECON 30310   Economics Research Project   

ECON 30250 Economic Research Workshop 2

Note that ECON30310 Economics Research Project is a 10 credit module.

Students must also take four option modules offered by the School (total 20 credits). Of these, students are required to take a minimum of three Level 3 modules from the following list of options offered by the School.

ECON 30100 Health Economics

ECON 30150 International Money and Banking

ECON 30160 International Trade

ECON 30170 Financial Economics

ECON 30180 Industrial Economics

ECON 30190 Economics of Public Policy

ECON30270 Behavioural Economics

ECON30360 Labour Economics

ECON30370 Environmental Economics

ECON 30380 History and Economics of financial Crises

FIN    30200 Econometrics of Financial Markets

Please note that if you have already taken ECON20090 Labour Economics or ECON20160 Economics of the Environment in previous years, then you cannot register for ECON30360 or ECON30370 respectively.

The remaining option may be either from the above list of Level 3 modules or may be a Level 2 option from the following list:

ECON 20060 Irish Economy

ECON 20080 Economic Policy Analysis

ECON 20100 Game Theory

ECON 20120 European Economy

ECON 20130 Economic History

ECON 20190 Introduction to Financial Economics

DEV   20130 Sustainable Development Goals

Note that it is also possible to take up to six economics options (30 credits) in stage 3, if electives are taken from the above lists.

Please not students must ensure they have completed ECON20010, ECON20020, ECON20030, ECON20040, ECON20170 and ECON20180 either last year or this year to complete their degree.

IMPORTANT: Degree Compliance Information

Students should be aware that to be able to graduate at the end of the academic year 2017-18 they must comply with the following requirements:

1. in accordance with University Regulations, students must have taken at least 100 credits at level 2 or above, and at least 40 credits at level 3 or above.

2. in accordance with School requirements, students must have passed all economic core modules and must have taken at least three Level 3 option modules.