UCD School of Education Professor, Ciaran Sugrue, Participates in Double Symposium at the International Consortium for Educational Development 2016 Conference

Picture of working group

The International Consortium for Educational Development Conference in 2016 was hosted by the University of Cape Town (UCT). This is a major international gathering (600 delegates) of those in Higher Education working on pedagogical development - increasingly embracing teaching, learning, assessment, quality assurance, doctoral supervision.

Professor Ciaran Sugrue from the UCD School of Education was involved in a double symposium on November 23rd and 24th where 8 papers arising from the Formation in Higher Eduction project were presented.

For  further  information regarding this research project, funded  by the Norwegian Research  Council, visit its website: http://www.uv.uio.no/iped/english/research/projects/solbrekke-formation-and-competence-building/