Rachel Farrell from the UCD School of Education PME Masters attends the BSTAI National Conference 2017.


On Saturday 21st October 2017 Rachel Farrell represented UCD School of Education in the Lyrath Convention Centre, Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny at the 2017 BSTAI National Conference 2017. 


The theme of the conference this year is “Enabling Progress in the Business Classroom”.

The next seminar in our School of Education seminar series will take place on 13th November in the UCD School of Education Roebuck Offices Boardroom @1pm 


Presented by Kathleen Lynch the seminar is titled 'Three Ways of Challenging Inequalities in Education' 


All are welcome. 

Assoc Professor Deirdre Raftery has been appointed to the Advisory Council of the National Archives, Ireland (State Board) by Minister Heather Humphreys TD.

SCoTENS (the Standing Conference on Teacher Education, North & South) is a network of 37 colleges of education, university education departments, teaching councils, curriculum councils, education trade unions and education centres on the island of Ireland with a responsibility for and interest in teacher education.

Dr Conor Galvin a member of the Committee which convenes the annual conference, organised SCOTENS Second Annual Doctoral Roundtable meeting in Dundalk, 13-14 Oct and chaired a discussion on the conference theme - EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION: THE CHALLENGES OF EVIDENCE-INFORMED CHANGE.


SCOTENS was established in 2003 to create a space for teacher educators – North and South– to come together and discuss issues of common interest, and explore ways of co-operating more closely together. A part of the broader peace dynamic that was gathering momentum on the island of Ireland at the time, it has always been rooted in the deepest commitment to quality teaching and teacher education for all. We believe that SCOTENS is the only network of its kind operating across a contested border in the world. Dr Galvin has been involved with SCoTENS since its foundation and has contributed to supporting its wide range of research, conference and exchange projects since then, and also in the informal discussions that preceded this.