Post-doctoral Research Fellow: Multiscale Modelling of Deep brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s disease


Applications are invited for a full-time post-doctoral position with the Neuromuscular Systems Research Lab at University College Dublin. The project represents an exciting opportunity forenthusiastic candidates to work on a new multidisciplinary research project funded by theEuropean Research Council (ERC). This project aims to develop a multiscale model of theneuromuscular system to design and test closed-loop control strategies for deep brain stimulation(DBS) for Parkinson’s disease. A highly motivated post-doctoral research fellow is sought todevelop methods to integrate various system components across multiple temporal and spatialscales. The project would suit candidates with expertise in multiscale modelling, computationalneuroscience and/or physiology of the corticospinal and basal ganglia systems.The Neuromuscular Systems Lab is a multidisciplinary research group in the School of Electricaland Electronic Engineering at University College Dublin. Our research involves applyingengineering principles, in particular mathematical modelling, signal analysis and experimentation,to understand how the nervous system controls muscle in healthy and diseased states. Throughthis research we aim to improve our understanding of the neuromuscular system to addressfundamental questions in the control of human movement and to develop improved therapeuticand rehabilitation strategies.

Who Should Apply

Applicants should hold a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Computational Neuroscience,Electrical/Electronic Engineering or a related discipline. Prior experience in neural modelling,multiscale modelling and corticospinal/basal ganglia physiology is preferred. Excellentcommunication, analytical and programming skills are required. Suitable candidates should beable to work independently and as a part of team.

How to Apply

Full details of the position and the application process are available through the UCD Human Resources website ( job ref 009760 ‘UCD Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Level I or Level II, UCD School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Temporary)’.

Informal enquiries may be made to
Professor Madeleine Lowery:
Tel: +353 1 716 1911