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About ourselves....

We are one of the many societies here at University College Dublin and we form a part of Elsa-Ireland and Elsa-International. Elsa is an independant, non-political and non-profit organisation of law students, young lawyers and other interested individuals.

Founded in Vienna in 1981 by law students from Poland, Hungary, Germany and Austria, today it spans 37 countries, with local groups in over 160 universities, and representing more than 20,000 law students and professionals. It co-operates in various fields with ILSA, the International Law Students' Association

Elsa's aims include the fostering of a better understanding and co-operation between Europeans who work and study to become members of the legal profession, as well as the promotion of knowledge of the domestic laws of ELSA member and observer states, European Community law, international and comparative law. Through a wide range of activities, ELSA aims to add a further international dimension to academic study to help produce well-rounded lawyers with a practical and international outlook. A purely academic background is no longer enough to meet the professional and cultural challenges of the next decade and beyond.

The aims of this site in particular are to achieve greater publicity for our small but expanding local group and to reach out effectively to our members and to anyone at all interested in Elsa and the work we do. We have just under one hundred members in the University and plan an active academic and social schedule. We hope for this site to be a focal point of reference for ELSA-Ireland and an excellent resource for those interested in legal research on and off the internet.

Members of the Committee for the year 1996 are:

Giuseppe Santoro

Adrian Farrell
(Finance Officer)

Emily Ellis (Marketing)

Brendan Cooney (Secretary General)

Elsa Resource Area

UCD Law Faculty

Elsa Seminars

Elsa address ELSA UCD,
Box 2, Students' Forum,
UCD, Belfield,
Dublin 4, IRELAND.
phone +353-01-7067108
Fax: 7061151


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