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Outgoing Phase

All Fellowships include a mandatory six-month outgoing phase during which Fellows conduct their research in an Outgoing Host Organisation. Fellows choose their Outgoing Host Organisation based on its appropriateness to their research, training and professional career development. The Outgoing Host Organisation can be located in any country in the world. 

The outgoing phase is considered to be highly beneficial to the career development of Fellows. It gives researchers exposure to another research active organisation while creating opportunities for network building, exchange of knowledge and transfer of skills.

The ENERGY21 Programme Manager will facilitate the placement of Fellows in the Outgoing Host Organisation by arranging Partnership Agreements with them.

The outgoing phase is governed by a set of principles including:

  • Fellows’ PIs in UCD and the Outgoing Host Organisation will sign a formal agreement of support to the Fellow. Such agreement will include a section where the outgoing Host Organisation affirms that any necessary equipment and resources are available to progress the work and the Fellow will be given access to the office and lab space needed to carry out the research project.
  • Fellows will have an Outgoing Host PI with whom they will work closely during their outgoing phase. The UCD PI will liaise with the PI from the Outgoing Host Organisation to ensure that both mentors follow the same approach. The PI from the outgoing Host Organisation will have regular face-to-face meetings with the Fellow and will provide advice on ongoing basis. The PI from UCD will follow this process and participate in meetings when possible through means of Skype, telephone or video conferencing.
  • If submitted proposal requires another distribution of time between the phases, a more appropriate ratio can be proposed by the applicant and agreed by the applicant’s mentor. However, the outgoing phase cannot be shorter than 3 months and cannot exceed 9 months. 
  • UCD ethics rules apply for the entire duration of the Fellowship, including the outgoing phase period. This ensures that ethical principles of high standard are adhered to in all fellowships in UCD and all host organisations.
  • If the Outgoing Host Organisation is in industry UCD must sign an Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement with that organisation before the commencement of the Fellowship.
  • The Fellows are obliged to return to UCD after the completion of the outgoing phase to carry out the return phase of the project.
  • The Fellows are employees of UCD throughout the entire Fellowship period, including the outgoing phase.
  • The Outgoing Host Organisation must be comparable to UCD in regard to the standard of research excellence. 

Co-funded by Marie Sk?odowska Curie COFUND Action of the European Union. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no “609401”.