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Attractive Working Environment

Research infrastructure

On the commencement of their employment in UCD, Fellows will be granted access to all facilities required for them to conduct and complete their research.

ENERGY21 Programme offers a comprehensive infrastructure for energy research, both at the UCD Energy Institute and at the partner institutions.

Real-time energy grid dataEnergy Institute provides the facility to simulate grid technologies and to access real-time energy grid data. Following an award from Science Foundation Ireland of €0.4M, Energy Institute is developing a Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) Laboratory for power systems research. This state of the art facility permits power electronics and energy devices to be evaluated, simulating full scale grid operation.

Fellows at the Energy Institute will have access to complete real time data sets from Eirgrid, the national electricity grid operator and the facility to live test research solutions in the Energy Institute’s Demonstration Zone (on the national electricity grid) in collaboration with world leading research groups, such as the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).

The Fellows will have access to a complete set of modelling and computational tools to facilitate economic cost benefit analysis, in addition to physical infrastructure, such as the RTDS Laboratory and Demonstration Zone. 

UCD Campus

UCD campus walksUCD campus offers world-class facilities for students, staff and the wider community. It is located on a beautiful 133-hectare parkland area close to Dublin’s city centre. It includes a range of facilities for staff and students, including shops, cafes, catering, banking, sport facilities, crèche‌, post office and other. There are over 8 km of woodland paths for walking jogging and cycling on the campus.

The campus is very well connected to Dublin city centre and the surrounding areas with public transport links and cycling infrastructure.

Employment Conditions

HR Excellence in ResearchUCD will sign an employment contract with each Fellow for the entire duration of the Fellowship. The employment contract will contain information about the statutory working practices and will determine the conditions for implementing the project.

The Fellows will have an option to join a group scheme with one of the Irish private health insurance companies and the University will facilitate payment through payroll. All Fellows will receive a pension from UCD.  Once they have paid into the pension fund for 2 years, they are entitled to receive a pension upon retirement. 

All ENERGY21 Fellows, where relevant, are entitled to 26 weeks maternity leave. Under Irish law, mothers receive a basic social security Maternity Benefit. UCD will also continue the Fellowship to its full 2-year term.

Co-funded by Marie Sk?odowska Curie COFUND Action of the European Union. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no “609401”.