Healthy UCD Challenge - Team Leaderboard - 17 October

The Muffin Tops 2633194
Game of Tones 2616494
More Social Dreaming 2166393
Run like the wind(ed) 2158875
The Voracious Pacers 1973321

Coming in October, the Healthy UCD Challenge seminar series

As part of the Healthy UCD Challenge we now have a series of 40-minute lunchtime seminars to inform and inspire!  Those attending can log a bonus 5,000 extra steps for that day. Not only will you hopefully learn something interesting but you will be helping your team to the tune of an extra 5,000 steps for each seminar you attend.

Healthy UCD Challenge - League Table (real time tracking)

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What is the timelime?

  • Registration closes 8 September
  • Challenge commences 18 September

Is there a cost involved?

No, there is no cost associated with this programme. The system has been created in-house by Culture & Engagement staff.

Do you have to be fit to take part?

No, you can take the challenge at your own pace. Please note however, UCD assumes no liability for persons who undertake physical activity and if you have any concerns you should consult your doctor prior to commencing physical activity.

What about recording other activities?

The aim of the challenge is to increase fitness levels and overall health through monitoring your activity and competing against others. You can record swimming or cycling using the formulas below.

  • Cycling 1km = 300 steps
  • Swimming 100m = 475 steps.

These activities should be converted to steps and added to the total step count for the day.

Is it possible to sync a device with the UCD system?

At present, the only way to record steps is to manually enter them on the Google sheet created by Culture & Engagement.

How many people are on each team?

A team consists of 4-6 people, including a Team Captain.

A team can commence the challenge with less than 6 Team Members, adding more as the challenge progresses.

Can I add in another row on the Steps Tracker for more members?

No, teams are limited to 6 members and adding in additional rows will disrupt formulas throughout the system causing widespread mayhem and destruction. Please don't do this.

Small teams / League Table

The league table is calculated on the basis of the total steps for a team, irrespective of the number of members on the team. The purpose of the challenge is to have some fun and increase general fitness levels so a weighting system has not been applied.

What is the role of the Team Captain?

The primary role of the Team Captain is to sign-up the team and act as a motivator.

The Team Captain can update the Team Member names onthe Step Tracker in the event someone is replaced.

What happens if Team Members drop out?

New Team Members may be added if a Team Member has to drop out. The Team Captain updates the Step Tracker with this information.

The incoming Team Member's name simply replaces the outgoing Team Member's name on the team sheet. This ensures that the outgoing Team Member's steps are retained, thereby ensuring that a team doesn't suffer as a result of unforseen departures.

How is a Team Captain chosen?

Team Captains are chosen by Team Members and teams are free to approach this process as they see fit.

When should I record my steps?

That's up to you! Steps can be recorded at a time of your choosing but it's best to do this on a daily or weekly basis. The League Table operates in real time so it is good to update the your steps reasonably regularly.

The League Table hasn't updated

There is a slight delay between the time you enter steps on the Step Tracker and the League Table updating. Generally this delay is no more than an hour or two.


Healthy UCD Challenge - Overview

Building on the success and feedback from the 150 colleagues who took part in the GCC challenge in 2016, Culture & Engagement in conjunction with Healthy UCD are launching our very own step challenge for autumn 2017.

GCC challenge participants said they valued the friendly competition among colleagues as a motivator to get active and the opportunity to meet others from across the University. They also indicated they'd like a shorter, locally run initiative so we've created a programme which builds on that feedback.

Over 6 weeks, we are offering you and your team of 6 the opportunity to  record your daily steps (from walking, running, cycling and swimming) and improve your health. Challenge your team to reach the top of the leader board or just increase your steps over the period of the challenge, it's up to you.

We are also keeping it simple. Use any activity tracker, on any device you like, such as a phone, phone plus app, running watch or a simple pedometer to keep track of your steps before recording them on our own Step Tracker. Headline information recorded on the Steps Tracker will feed through to this page so you can keep an eye on the leader board, motivate others and lets all get the benefit from increased physical activity.

To help motivate you further there will be a number of lunchtime seminars on relevant topics. We’ll let you know once these have been set-up. And finally we plan a celebration at the end to mark our individual and team achievements.

------ Registration CLOSED on 8 September ------

------ Challenge begins 18 September 2017 ------