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Professor James Mays

Professor James Mays
Professor of Modern English & American Literature

Academic Qualifications

MA (Oxon); DPhil (Oxon)

Research Interests

Bibliography and textual theory; writing, history and culture 1770-1840 (esp.Coleridge's writing in all its forms); modern and contemporary writers, eg. Jack Spicer, Lorine Niedecker, Ian Hamilton Finlay.

Recent Publications

"Coleridge's New Poetry" Warton Lecture on English Poetry for 1996 Publications of the British Academy XCIV (1997) 127-56

"Foreward:  Italian-Irish Celebrations" in Umberto Eco and Liberato Santoro-Brienza Talking of Joyce (Dublin: UCD Press, 1998) 1-5

"Lyrical Ballads in Wicklow" The Coleridge Bulletin (Nether Stowey) New Series No.11 (Spring 1998) 1-36

"New Light on Wordsworth's Coleridge" The Wordsworth Circle XXIX:1 (Winter 1998) 9-20

"Gabler's Ulysses as a Field of Force" TEXT: An Interdisciplinary Annual of Textual Studies X (1997 [for 1998]) 1-13

"Accidental Yeats"  Yeats: An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies ed Richard J. Finneran XIV for 1996 (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1998) 209-19

 "S.T. Coleridge" in The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature:  (Third Edition) Vol.IV 1800-1900 ed Joanne Shattuck (Cambridge University Press 2000) 298-323

Co-editor of Coleridge's marginalia to ten volumes of W.G. Tennemann's Geschichte der Philosophie in Marginalia ed H.J. Jackson and George Whalley vol 5 (Princeton University Press 2000) 691-816

"MacGreevy's Tarbert Poem" The Recorder XIII:1 (Spring 2000) 90-121

"Trevor Joyce's Syzygy" The Recorder XIII:2 (Fall 2000) 73-6

With Stephen Parrish (eds) New Poems: Manuscript Materials by W.B. Yeats (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2000) xxxix + 399 pp.  The Cornell Yeats series

S.T. Coleridge Poetical Works (= Collected Coleridge 16) (Princeton University Press, 2001) Vol.I, clxxviii + 574 pp.; vol.II, xxvi + 828 pp.; vol.III, lii + 757 pp.; vol.IV, xxviii + 680 pp.; vol.V, xxx + 945; vol.VI, xiv + 707 pp.

"Scriptor ignotus, with the fire in him now" [The Poetry of Trevor Joyce] The Dublin Review No. 6 (Spring 2002) 42-65

"Collecting Coleridge" element (Cloone, Co. Leitrim) No.8 (2002) 47-60

"The Later Poetry" in The Cambridge Companion to Coleridge ed Lucy Newlyn (Cambridge University Press, 2002) 89-99

Fredson Bowers and the Irish Wolfhound  (Grange, Co. Tipperary:  Coracle Press, 2002) 84 pp.

N11 A Musing (Dublin: Coelacanth Press, 2003) 51 pp.

"Coming Off the Beano" Removed for Further Study: The Poetry of Tom Raworth  [ed Nate Dorward] (Toronto: The Gig 13/14, May 2003) 31-38

"Was Coleridge's Father as Simple as a Child?" The Coleridge Bulletin N.S. No.21 (Spring 2003) 1-19

"The Life in Death of Editorial Exchange: the Bollingen Collected Coleridge" in The Culture of Collected Editions ed Andrew Nash (Basingstoke:  Palgrave, 2003) 183-200.

Current Projects

Edition of Diarmuid and Grania by George Moore and W. B. Yeats (The Cornell Yeats)  - in press.

Life and Study of John Coleridge (STC's father)