Dublin James Joyce Summer School 2013

Dublin James Joyce Summer School 7-14 July 2013


Monday 8 July

9.30-10.45       Professor Anne Fogarty (University College Dublin)

After Aughrim: History and Memory in ‘The Dead’

11.15-12.30     Dr Aida Yared (Vanderbilt University)

Reading Ulysses as an Open Book

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Tuesday 9 July

9.30-10.45       Dr Fritz Senn (Zurich James Joyce Foundation)

                        Logodaedalia or Evading the Obvious ‘

11.15-12.30     Dr Luca Crispi (University College Dublin)

                        Making the Blooms

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Wednesday 10 July

9.30-10.45       Dr Anne Marie D’Arcy (University of Leicester)

Mr Deasy, Dínsenchas, and the Nightmare of Partition

11.15-12.30     Professor Kevin Dettmar (Pomona College)

Joycean Irony  

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Thursday 11 July

9.30-10.45       Dr Katherine Ebury (Sheffield University)

‘Mulrennan spoke to him about the universe and stars’: Joyce and Astronomy

11.15-12.30     Dr Oona Frawley (National University of Ireland, Maynooth)

Location, Location, Location: Place and Property in Ulysses

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Friday 12 July

9.30-10.45       Dr Sara Crangle (University of Sussex)

Joyce’s Satire

11.15-12.30     David Vichnar (Charles University)

AfterJoyce Revisited: Joyce and the Post-War Avantgarde

14.00-16.00     Seminars


Saturday 13 July

10.30-11.45     Dr Teresa Prudente (University of Turin)

‘Confined to certain Grammatical Rules of Accident’: ‘Ithaca’ and Philosophical Grammar


We are grateful to the Department of Arts, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht for financial support