English with Film

Film Studies Modules 2017-18

Stage 1

Semester 1
FS10010  Perspectives on Media I (5 credits)
Semester 2
FS10020 Perspectives on Media II (5 credits)
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Stage 2 

Semester 1
FS20100 Hollywood Cinema
FS20160 Action Adventure Cinema

Semester 2
FS20130 History of Television
FS20150 Documentary Film

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Stage 3

Semester 1
FS30090 Television Genres
FS30120 Alternative Cinemas

Semester 2
FS30030 Animation
FS30160 Digital & Social Media

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Entry to Stage 2 DN513 English with Film from DN012

There is no automatic entry from DN012 (BA Omnibus) to DN513 English with Film at Stage 2. However, a limited number of places (usually 10 in total) is made available to those who meet the requirements stipulated below. In addition, you must send in a letter of application by the closing date stating the reasons as to why the transfer to English with Film would benefit you and how it fits in with your interests and studies to date.

Applicants who have attained satisfactory grades and grade point average will be considered. Please note, that to qualify you will need a minimum of 5 credits in Film (either FS10010 Perspectives on Media 1 or FS10020 Perspectives on Media 2) and to comply with progression requirements in English by having taken both ENG10050 Literature in Context 1 and ENG10060 Literature in Context 2 in Level 1.

Please email your application request with name and student number to Stacy Grouden (stacy.grouden@ucd.ie), Film and Drama Administrator.